3 Swords for Stephanie Li?

A masterful performance at Sydney Opera House on Sunday from a 10 year old. Stephanie played with an emotional light and shade usually considered beyond her years.

Much was said on the day of Dr Suzuki’s philosophies and many stories were shared about learning with him. I think he could well be considered the greatest educational philosopher of the 20th century.

Foremost was his feeling that music was simply the expression of the development of a beautiful soul. Many detractors of his music education method look at the great ability shown by the very young and decry Suzuki method as creating rote learnt hothoused musicians… child puppets like chinese gymnasts!

(that’s a whole nother debate i’ll have elsewhere but don’t think china is the only country (usa and australia!) or that gymnastics (hello swimming and diving!) the only sport that exploits children!!!)

Rather Dr Suzuki taught that feeling and listenting were essential and what I think is revolutionary is that he expected children to learn well by being asked to play well, not to play as a ‘child’.

He also felt that learning should be play because beautiful results required beautiful feelings.

Later that night, i watched the end of the First Australians series and think that Koike (Eddie) Mabo is another great educational philosopher and should be lauded for his legacy preserving a disappearing culture and revolutionising the education of torres strait islanders.


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