is feminism possible for non anglo women?

at least not in the hairy legged vitriolic way we know and love as feminism, you know, the post suffragette, 70s women’s circle neomarxist, nonpatriarchal feminism.

watching First Australians and the desperate battle faced by aboriginal and torres strait islanders to preserve their culture, i realise again the invidious position that women of color are facing in Australia. Preserve their culture or fight for feminism. The two are quite incompatible in many cut and dried ways.

More and more, though as I grow older, I believe that feminism is too simple in the usual arguments. Men and women are different and the millenia of cultural differences that we have all acquired can not be dismantled overnight.

Rather the argument is how do we develop equal respect or opportunity? while our abilities and capabilities are different, so to are our cultural necessities… backbones lodestones.


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