Post Punk Hairstyle – I’ve got it

Today I’m rocking the Mu Guiying version of my extreme mohullet. I think it’s so scary that no one, excepting small children, comments on it. My kids voted for this version, although my pigtails are a bit too puffy for my liking.

Previously, I have stormed the national conference in CSI geek girl style with my laptops and skirt topped by a partially shaved skull with little sailor moon meatballs at side. An elder(woman) actually complimented me on my sassy hairdo and said she enjoyed it. For the rest, people just look at me sideways and give me their seat on the train.

I’m wondering if I’m getting the ‘she must be a cancer survivor’ treatment that I got in South America when I backpacked solo with small child and a shaven head. Very practical, especially for women in South American (or SerboCroatian.. or Indian.. or African.. or Asian etc.) countries.

This time I must look like a brain injury survivor. Love it though. This is a really practical style that’s easy to maintain and good in the surf (no more hair in my eyes whenever I go through a wave… or under one. I keep the fun of long hair occasionally, and the feel of velvet scalp on the shorn sections.

I’m planning on more tattoos, reinking my arm and doing my skull. If I ever have the time and money to follow through that is.

I’ve been calling the style the extreme mohullet, as being bogan is all the rage but personally, I’m enjoying the Warrior Woman aspect. In China, this hairstyle got you killed. 1 million people (mainly men) were

The queue or cue is a hairstyle in which the hair is worn long and gathered up into a pigtail. It was worn traditionally by certain Native American groups, Indian Brahmins and the Manchu of Manchuria. In the 18th century it was common for Europeans to wear their hair long. To prevent their hair being caught when working, Royal Navy sailors would wear their hair in a tarred pigtail.[1][2]


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