Google Project 10^100 results?

Too many drafts and not enough blog love!

I was going to post our Google Project 10^100 applications in January (we put them in October 08) but the announcement of Google’s shortlist was postponed from Australia Day to St Pats day, due to the overwhelming response.

It’s a great idea. Google are going to pick 100 of the most interesting implementable ideas for changing the world and put them out for public vote and give the winning ideas $10 million.

So… any news yet?


3 responses to “Google Project 10^100 results?

  1. Yes, i aslo want to know the result, any news?

  2. 404 not found! Google is still having trouble searching the results! Google Blog Update

  3. isn't it too late now………. it is not hurting…. i didnt wait ecer this much even for my b'day… come on google…. do it in hurry.

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