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Mega Startup Weekend + Robots!

Straight from the Silicon Valley Robot Block Party to the MEGA Startup Weekend with Robots.

RoboTigers and human-robot relations | The Robot State

artist/engineer Kezanti from Brugge (tbc)

The Bloggess isn’t my usual source for robotics writing, so I was overjoyed to read today’s yesterday’s post about Robot Tigers. It’s a sublime demonstration of all the contradictory and confusing human-robot relations that exist, in reality and in fantasy. Don’t make me spell it out. Enjoy.

Victor:  One day I’m going to finish my robot tigers and we will rule the world.

me: It’d be easier if you just took over the world with real tigers.

Victor:  Robot tigers are scarier than real tigers.

me:  No.  Real tigers are scarier because they’re unpredictable.

Victor: My robot tigers have a random setting.

me: Like a shuffle function on an iPod?

Victor: Exactly.

me:  That is way scarier.

Victor: Plus they could beat you at chess.

me: Well, not me specifically.  I’m pretty damn good at chess.

Victor:  Not as good as a robot tiger.

me:  Live tigers are still scarier because they’re real and you know they hate you. With a robot tiger you understand they’re just doing their job when they kill you.

Victor: My robot tiger would be a cold, calculating killing machine – set on random – that also has an emotion chip and laughs at your pain.

me: That actually sounds scary as shit.


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Awesome is exhausting for some of us but FAKE GRIMLOCK has tapped the motherlode and is distributing it via twitter, blog, posters and maybe even in person. Although it could be kind of scary seeing a giant metal robot dinosaur with a penchant for eating stupid humans.

FAKE GRIMLOCK is my new favorite reading (along with The Bloggess and xkcd), because what he says makes a lot of sense. It also drips with sarcasm, awesomeness and blood. Many technology luminaries (like Eric Ries, Brad Feld, Fred Wilson and CNN) have noticed that FAKE GRIMLOCK carves through all the cream and gets straight to the coffee. I’m still new over here but sometimes I think that America is all froth and foam and eff all coffee. Then I remember stuff like #Occupy and STOP SOPA.

I wish I had some of FAKE GRIMLOCK’s gift for awesome communication because the tech world both fascinates and dismays me. We are changing society right here – punching code through the walls of the world. But all too often the vision is just personal or commercial success.


Roadblocks of gender, race and class are still huge. Sometimes technological advancement is just making bigger roadblocks. Startup philosophy, which emphasizes the individual, is often powerless before huge areas of fail. We aren’t all giant robot dinosaurs and sometimes we don’t share the same visions. For example, feminism is a great conversation killer, because not a lot has changed in last 50 years. Seriously – this 1991 MIT report by Ellen Spertus is still accurate. That’s depressing. It’s great to celebrate awesome women engineers and ceos, but important to point out the systematic obstacles women face in the tech and startup worlds.

Fake Grimlock’s irresistible awesome is up against some pretty immoveable objects, but at least reading @fakegrimlock makes me feel like a raging fury in a good way.


Stop SOPA Internet Blackout

So you shouldn’t even be looking at this… but just in case you want to know more: or just google it!

Today, we are striking against censorship. Join us in this historic moment: tell Congress to stop this bill now!

I am writing to you as a voter in your district. I urge you to oppose the Senate version of S. 968, the PROTECT IP Act. The PROTECT IP Act is dangerous, ineffective, and short-sighted. The House version — just introduced by Rep. Goodlatte — is far worse.Over coming days you’ll be hearing from the many businesses, advocacy organizations, and ordinary Americans who oppose this legislation because of the myriad ways in which it will stifle free speech and innovation. We hope you’ll take our concerns to heart and oppose this legislation.

Join The Strike! and add this to your site

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Collaborative Discovery Engine meet Water Hackathon?


Two great ideas I’ve been following recently: Hybrid Wisdom Lab’s Collaborative Discovery Engine and World Bank’s Water Hackathon.

I wonder if there’s a future together for them? Solutions to water problems shared by water professionals using this visual social search?

Civilization – not changing much.

Are the richest Americans any different? No. About 9/10ths of the wealthiest Americans are men. Only 1/10th of the Forbes’ list of America’s 400 richest people were women. To be precise, 42 out of 400. 

There’s a fair bit of inherited wealth on both sides of the gender divide, and quite a portfolio dispersion so it’s not possible to speculate about cultural fields and gender within the list. However, it would be interesting to check back over time and see if there is any significant increase in the numbers of wealthy women. I suspect that not a great deal has changed, but a sense of the timescale for changes relating to gender and racial equality might ensue. I think that African-Americans and Native Americans should be feeling justifiably left out.