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Dr Who’s Companions POST SEASON FINALE


Donna Noble: you are now 1 SWORD of awful. You had me going there. For a while, I was thinking 4 SWORDS… maybe this is it, even 5 !!!! then…

Catherine Tate: you have 4 SWORDS of awesome for your rivetingly versatile performance as Donna Noble. You were BATHETIC at the end and became horribly stupidly trivial leaving me in tears. You reminded me of Flowers for Algernon by Daniel Keyes

Rose Tyler: I’d retract your SWORD AWARD for that horrible last scene, where you find true love with the part human doctor but then, it’s HIS fault. You know who!

Russell T Davies! Wow, I bet the swords have been out for you! I daren’t read the forums. I really love your writing but why can’t you stretch yourself a little bit. Go on and try out more different gender roles.

I guess The Doctor is so lovingly constructed as tragic father figure (western hero) that any other strong figure can not survive in the same series. That’s why I say, “Hey, Russell, try a woman next time! AS THE DOCTOR!

Dr Who’s Companions and the SWORD AWARDS

NOTE – First up is my PRE-SEASON FINALE POST which wasn’t finished before Sunday night. There’s a POST SEASON FINALE follow up!

Firstly, the fact that the women on Dr Who are all companions and that Dr Who has never been a woman for all of his vaunted alien regenerative body shifting abilities automatically disqualifies ANY of them from getting 4 SWORDS.

If Dr Who becomes a woman though, she’s a fair chance at 4 or even 5 SWORDS of AWESOME WOMAN WARRIORNESS!

Secondly, Billie Piper with a gun bigger than her entire torso. PUHLEASE! She is so 1 SWORD of awkward. She is BIG CAR LITTLE DICK!

Now, some other companions have been more Emma Peel and less Agent 99, but I’m still waiting for serious SWORDS! There are a bucket load of companions on wikipedia and I’m going to enjoy revisiting old episodes in my new quest to rate the companions.

For now:

River Song: 3 SWORDS – only we don’t really know if you’re a companion yet.
Sarah Jane Smith: 3 SWORDS – for sheer persistence and fun.
Sara Kingdom: 3 SWORDS – only you got killed off straightaway – such is the fate of many of the strong women companions it seems!

Donna Noble: 2 SWORDS – when you’re good, you’re great but you’re such a temp warrior.
Martha Jones: 2 SWORDS – you were a bit whiny to start but the uniform suits you.

Astrid Peth: 1 SWORD – worth a mention even if only a canary sized mini companion.
Rose Tyler: 1 SWORD – as said above, you are a bit BCLD !

All I can say though, is thank heavens for the taboo against kissing in the tardis!

Gillian on Survivor Gabon – 1 SWORD

I read the snarky recaps at Television Without Pity whenever I want light entertainment. I don’t actually watch the show. Stupid television is more alluring with added snark.

Survivor: Gabon: Who Will Outwit, Outplay and Outlast?


Stats: 61, from Temecula, CA, Retired nurse
In Their Own Words: She’s playing for the baby boomers and beyond, showing that the game can be played with “gumption and guts instead of boobs and butts.”
Fun Facts: Born in South Africa, she’s applied to be on the game 15 times. She got a butterfly tattoo on her hip at age 60.

Verdict: She’s traveled around the world, loves adventure sports, is in shape and a dedicated fan of the show. This “American citizen with an African soul” is determined to be the oldest winner yet. Who are we to say she can’t be?

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Gillian, you are an in-your-face try-hard. I do love it. You totally deserve a SWORD. But only one. Because, face it, this is a show about boobs, butts and bloody boring idiots. The rest of the mob… forget it.

It’s impressive that you made it past the first elimination, you are an ‘old woman’. There was no way you were going much further. The people who are voting you out are idiots or men or both. Amazing women do not succeed on shows like Survivor (just like real life). Think Stephanie and Cirie.

But you knew that, didn’t you, Gillian? You’ve applied to be on the show 15 times!

Our Turn… The Right Idea but not the Reality

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The book includes first-rate advice and opinions from top business women, such as Anita Roddick, Martha Lane Fox, and Nicola Horlick, who show how gender has played a part in their journeys, and how they have made it to the top in the often male-dominated world of business. There are also top tips from an expert in the field of PR and essential advice on the invaluable art of networking.

Produced in association with the Women in Business team at HBOS, Our Turn! is intended to encourage women to strike out and take a different approach to business, rather than conform to the conventional strategies and styles often instigated and developed by men.

More details

Our Turn!: The Ultimate Start-Up Guide for Female Entrepreneurs
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Contributor Nishika Patel
Published by Harriman House Limited, 2005
ISBN 1897597479, 9781897597477
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