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Roseanne Barr – 2 SWORDS – and a write up at deliberately barren

 IN response to Deliberately Barren’s recent post on Roseanne Barr – generally speaking a very cool site that is scratching my itch regarding women, what and why?!?

That’s pretty cool! Roseanne Barr gets 2 Swords of Awesome on my rather tough scale of services to women warriors everywhere.

I enjoyed reading her capsule version of the appropriation of religion and the female. A book I loved back in the Women’s Press days was ‘The Wild Girl’ (or the Secret Gospel of Mary Magdalen) by Michele Roberts – published by Methuen.

You raise an interesting issue. What is barren? Can you have had and lost or relinquished children to be barren? What does society hate most – barren women or bad mothers? By bad, I mean as mildly offensive as outspoken, angry, non child-centred, professional or passionate women.

I’m too daunted to tackle the really bad mothers issue – women who kill! although abortion is considered part of that spectrum disorder.

A couple of years ago, I was planning to start a ‘bad mother’ blog but discovered that assorted pornographic sites had appropriated the idea.

Back on topic, I see barrenness, like feminism, as the willingness to witness. To not be a slave to biology and gender, to speak out and not apologize.

People in Glass Houses – Tanya Levin – 2 SWORDS

The best local cult book is by far, “People in Glass Houses” by Tanya Levin. Published in 2007, Tanya describes her slow path away from a fundamental (Hillsong) upbringing along with her attempts to understand the church. As she has an economics degree, it’s scary reading.

You will never drink Gloria Jean coffee again. And do avoid the handmade organic twelve tribes produce at your local music festival aka Common Ground Cafe, but that’s another story. Worse.

Still, Tanya, I take my hat off to you. That is one bad ass book you wrote. It is painful and personal and every bit gives a damn. You have pointed out all the things that are really really wrong with fundamental religions that are also so hard to pin down and examine.

I know i signed up for friday night youth club as a teenager and kind of went along with all the ‘stuff’ as long as there were cute whomevers… but after a while, it went from being a joke to ruling your life. And by then it’s too late to turn around and back out.

Fortunately, I never quite stuck long enough… but it was close. I read your book and can feel the breath of hot demons down the back of my neck.

A more detailed and interesting review of People in Glass Houses is by Chris Saliba, WebDiary.

Dr Who’s Companions and the SWORD AWARDS

NOTE – First up is my PRE-SEASON FINALE POST which wasn’t finished before Sunday night. There’s a POST SEASON FINALE follow up!

Firstly, the fact that the women on Dr Who are all companions and that Dr Who has never been a woman for all of his vaunted alien regenerative body shifting abilities automatically disqualifies ANY of them from getting 4 SWORDS.

If Dr Who becomes a woman though, she’s a fair chance at 4 or even 5 SWORDS of AWESOME WOMAN WARRIORNESS!

Secondly, Billie Piper with a gun bigger than her entire torso. PUHLEASE! She is so 1 SWORD of awkward. She is BIG CAR LITTLE DICK!

Now, some other companions have been more Emma Peel and less Agent 99, but I’m still waiting for serious SWORDS! There are a bucket load of companions on wikipedia and I’m going to enjoy revisiting old episodes in my new quest to rate the companions.

For now:

River Song: 3 SWORDS – only we don’t really know if you’re a companion yet.
Sarah Jane Smith: 3 SWORDS – for sheer persistence and fun.
Sara Kingdom: 3 SWORDS – only you got killed off straightaway – such is the fate of many of the strong women companions it seems!

Donna Noble: 2 SWORDS – when you’re good, you’re great but you’re such a temp warrior.
Martha Jones: 2 SWORDS – you were a bit whiny to start but the uniform suits you.

Astrid Peth: 1 SWORD – worth a mention even if only a canary sized mini companion.
Rose Tyler: 1 SWORD – as said above, you are a bit BCLD !

All I can say though, is thank heavens for the taboo against kissing in the tardis!

Macromantics and more early hiphop memories

That’s right! I’ve been meaning to listen to more Macromantics cause I like what I’ve heard so far! 2 SWORDS for Romy Hoffman aka Macromantics.

I also dig Sneaky Sound System.

Ladyhawke seems ok too, but overated already?

Anyone remember Sound Unlimited Posse? They were awesome in a kind of daggy way.

Salt-N-Pepa – Let’s Talk About Sex in Sydney

Do you remember when? I was always hoping for just a little bit more from these women. But Salt-n-Pepa really were the best around at the start of the hip hop and rap era. There still haven’t been many other challengers. Isn’t that sad!

Speaking of other challengers, I’m way out of date but all I can think of are Missy Elliot, Queen Latifah and Lauryn Hill.

Anyway, I can’t quite bring myself to go along and relive the 80s to 90s but almost… Check out the show at the Enmore Theatre.

Don’t forget this was when AIDS was a very very dirty word! Now if only the debate included prostitution, these girls would get 3 SWORDS but as it is I’m going for 2 SWORDS.

Tech and the City – Ella Morton AND BEING ALMOST 3 SWORDS

I love intrepid girl scientists. I also dig the feminist housewife movement (trying to rediscover the issues with irony). But I am most in awe when the kick ass 2 SWORD worthy fabulous women involved in either area get that little bit meta or mega or ideally BOTH.

Ella, Tech and the City was fun (finished June 07). I wish you had more stuff of your own and fewer consumer tech reviews. This may be inevitable with your move up from associate editor at ZDNet to Features Editor at Cnet.com.au. But I”m looking forward to less ‘Choice’ and more ‘voice’ from you. Because you have a great voice, Ella. I have 3 SWORDS just waiting for you.

About Ella Morton

Member since: June 2007
Ella Morton's avatar Hey ho, I’m the Features Editor for CNET.com.au. I focus on our video content, manage the portable audio category and review the odd phone when the mood strikes.

Outside nine-to-five, you’re likely to find me rehearsing a play, misplacing expensive possessions and whiling away the last days of my fading youth on the Internets.

Ella Morton is interested in: Camcorders, Digital Cameras, Mobile Phones, MP3 Players and Software.

I remember when you were 10…

and you were trapped every afternoon after school in a converted toilet with no computer let alone the interweb thingy.

When you had to make up games with cardboard tubes and boxes. When you had to bring your own books and red cordial was the pinnacle of adventure… that and rope burn from the incredibly dangerous play area outside.

GI Pin Up: Ella Morton
GI Pin Up: Ella Morton

The mind is an erogenous zone.

Ella Morton, like her heroine, X-File sleuth Dana Scully, is a feisty redhead with a very large brain (well, we can’t actually prove it’s large, but we know it holds alot).
A nethead since the late 90s, the delightful Ella fused a background in the arts and some curious dabblage in electronics retail, with a natural talent for writing and an unnatural yen for things technologic — and hardwired them into a successful gig as Features Editor at CNET Australia.
She’s amassed a legion of fans with her smart, sassy commentary on things tech, prompting us to chase her around the Interwebs for a Pin-Up session.
GI: Favourite toy as a child?

EM: I really dug board games. Candy Land in particular. And Trouble! With the pop-o-matic bubble dice. Life was simpler back then.

GI: What are your earliest memories of technology and the Internet?

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