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twitter will make me go blind

or perhaps my head will explode like the Australian Government Censorship Board homepage.. which was hacked yesterday just before Stephen Conroy’s Q&A.

heads up courtesy of the hoydens about twitter @lauredhel and @crazybrave and culprit courtesy of @websinthe who has much of interest to say on #nocleanfeed and other things. I am checking the weather for melon showers and ordering more humour with my politics.

And if one’s going to publicly argue as @wickedlibrarian points out you need to tool up as she turns to Skeptics Guide 5×5. Although paraphrasing from Princess Bitchface, in economic terms are you going to recoup your investment in an argument?

This very useful book by Dr Michael Carr-Gregg, (also author of Real Wired Child which I haven’t yet read) has uncanny parallels to Australian politics!

Although I can see the strange attraction (aka xkcd) in language lab’s commentary. much irony.

Denise Litchfield Knits Newtown!

Denise Litchfield (and Baxter) tagging in the May Lane Art Project, St Peters. (photo Sahlan Hayes)
Go Denise! I know Denise through Roomies Artspace. She’s been a great champion for Clarrice Collien’s amazing window wire and wool tapestries and I’ll post on the upcoming Roomies Exhibition at Parliament House February 5th to 27th.
I love Denise’s take on knitting: “It redefines street art and is also a reference to graffiti,” the Stanmore woman said. “It’s absurd and feminine and fun.”

Knitta is the global outlier of guerilla knitting. As mentioned in the SMH article by Sunanda Creagh, January 14 2009. Which I’m quoting in full because… GO DENISE!

WHERE other graffiti artists use spraypaint, Denise Litchfield uses wool. Litchfield is part of a growing global movement of guerilla knitters, who stitch their handmade creations onto trees, poles, street lights and other objects in the public domain.
“It redefines street art and is also a reference to graffiti,” the Stanmore woman said. “It’s absurd and feminine and fun.”
Using recycled or cast-off yarn, Litchfield has attached her creations to poles and trees in Newtown and Rozelle and her long-term goal is to knit cosies for fire hydrants and bollards.
Ms Litchfield also pokes fun at the notion of a graffiti “tag” by creating cardboard swing tags similar to those attached to items in a boutique.
“I write messages on them and put them on bikes and dogs. One friend said she was walking down King Street and saw a tag that said ‘All your problems have been taken care of’ and thought, ‘Yeah, I needed to hear that,’ ” Litchfield said.
“I have been doing it for about six months and I don’t know of anyone else doing it in Sydney. I haven’t been intercepted by a council ranger yet but often when I put them up people stop to ask what I am doing and to have a chat,” she said.
Litchfield has won the support of a Marrickville councillor, Peter Olive.
“I’d be only too happy for her to do some knitting in the Marrickville local government area,” he said. “I see it as a form of art and it’s not harmful or anyone else’s property or the public space. I think it should be encouraged.”
Emily Howes, an expert from University of Technology, Sydney, and author of a PhD thesis on “indie craft”, said guerilla knitters operated in Scandinavia, the US, Japan and South Africa. She thinks Litchfield might be Sydney’s first.
“I think there is a groundswell of activity. The really big guerilla craft group is a collective called Knitta, which has outposts around the world,” she said. “They see craft as a subversive and politically motivated act – a way of jolting people out of their comfortable reverie.”

16 Days of Activism Against Gender Violence – Greens Stuff It Up!

In the last sitting day of Parliament, NSW Labor Party rushed through a bill that allows men with AVOs that have expired to have the AVO revoked if they want to purchase a gun. Previous law meant that once you had an AVO, you couldn’t get or renew a gun license for 10 years. Seems reasonable.

 This is the same state government who recently back pedalled on the 28 day cooling off period for gun purchases. Now, if it’s the same type of gun you already have or have had in past, there is no need for you to wait to purchase another.

I can see the rationale. I can also see a lot of big loopholes waiting to be exploited. Why is this so?

Thank you GREENS!!!!
The Greens and Christian Democrat MP, Gordon Moyes, vote with the Opposition to block Government legislation. That means the NSW Labor Party needs the vote of the two Shooters Party MPs and the Reverend Fred Nile in the upper house to get legislation through.

That means a lot of pro gun legislation going through. Today marks the date that a lone disgruntled gunman massacred 14 female engineering students (injuring 14 others) in Montreal because “he was fighting feminism”.

What good company I keep! ANDRA is…

in France, the Agence du Radioactive Waste… at andra.info… doing my bit for MAN and the environment

in Australia, the Australian National Drag Racing Association at andra.com.au… what can I say excepting World’s Fastest Female in action on Boxing Day!

I do my bit for drag racing here in Newtown, I snark gaily.

just andra.org … Dylan covers

I dithered over spending $25 to secure my name as my domain in 1998 for too long. Someone else got it. I’m sad that they never do anything cool with it. For a while there, andra.net in Germany was good but he’s disappeared. Atleast there are some other interesting andras out there!

Mary Poppins strikes fear into the heart of merely mortals

I am in supercalifragilistic organisational mode. I think this is something that all mothers hit once or twice a year. It’s too late the week before school starts! Everything must be applied for and co-ordinated before December or you miss out.

There have been parallels with my whole life what with partners being overseas, parents downsizing, jobs being chucked, etc. etc.

insert chart here…

I am now officially OCD. I am color coding everything. I was pleased to find out that I”m not the only person who likes to have same color pegs grouped on the clothes line! Or sometimes I like different color combinations, like only orange and green in the front with blue and yellow at the back. Or blue is for me, yellow is for undies, etc. Ditto with push pins. If I’m in a yellow is for personal and blue is for school mood then DON’T jam a green pin on the board! I now offically hate blue and yellow. I have moved on.

When this gets too much for me, my answer is to give up hanging the washing out and revert to the drier. I’ve tried chucking tantrums and/or calling a strike and/or having a family meeting resulting in the Treaty of Versailles.

Previous result? Two lots of cleaners reducing me to nervous breakdown by their aggressive use of bleach and sugarsoap and scourers, scratching the surface off all of our stainless steel appliances and the bathroom cabinets and the glass doors. Even after I pointed this out, then left out paper towel and proper cleaning products. They still used their own whenever I wasn’t there. They even carried them in brand name cleaning product canisters, but I checked – sugar soap and bleach.

Latest result? Sensitive new age partner (SNAP) reduced me to nervous breakdown by scratching the surface off all the new (ish) lino demonstrating his willingness to help and his complete inability to be instructed. My fault for talking wrong.

Agreement reached at the latest Yalta Conference? Clear color coded delineation of all roles in the family corporation. Regular meetings to report to the bored. Sackings are definitely on the cards if we don’t meet our targets. Acknowledgement that HOUSEWORK IS THE HEAT DEATH OF THE UNIVERSE. There is no defeating entropy!

Second Law of Thermodynamics btw. as quoted below by Dr James Kranz

The heart of your question concerns the equilibrium state of the universe, and how the one of the laws of thermodynamics, that “entropy always increases”, seems to be defied by the buildup of a net charge difference between materials that shows up as static electricity. I need to spend a little time on thermodynamics. At its essence, the thermodynamics of a system really describes an energy balance; like balancing a checkbook, the energy going into a system or flowing out of a system is in balance with the rest of the world. (Money is a VERY good analogy to energy in a thermodynamic sense). Here is my favorite description of the laws of thermodynamics in a colloquial sense:

1) You can’t break even (i.e. entropy always increases).
2) You can break even, but only when hell freezes over (i.e. you can stop entropy from changing/increasing at absolute zero temperature).
3) Hell isn’t going to freeze over (i.e. though you can get close, you can’t get to absolute zero).

All changes of energy are in balance on the scale of the universe; locally
we can change the balance of energy in apparent defiance of the first law of thermodynamics. It takes substantial effort to roll a large rock up a hill; perched on the top of the hill, it retains potential energy that would be released if the boulder rolls back down the hill under the force of gravity. Static electricity is a lot like the energetic state achieved when the builder is perched at the top of a hill but has not begun rolling down.

Republicans vs World and why homeland security reads my blog

I’m not paranoid. Not long ago, I only had 3 people reading this blog. Me, my partner and someone in Washington. I blame it on my post “Stop attacking Sarah Palin’s character” and am contemplating changing it to “Stop assassinating Sarah Palin’s character”, just to see if it shakes loose more monkeys.

So, in your honour, here’s the ‘so funny it hurts’ US Presidential map from Rachel Hills at Musings of an inappropriate woman, from the 5th Down Under Feminists Carnival hosted by Hell on Hairy Legs. Fabulous work!

Thanks to my statcounter, I was able to see that I am now being read by the Australian Department of Parliamentary Services in Canberra. Ever since I posted on the Hollowmen – Waste of Energy, in fact.

People in Glass Houses – Tanya Levin – 2 SWORDS

The best local cult book is by far, “People in Glass Houses” by Tanya Levin. Published in 2007, Tanya describes her slow path away from a fundamental (Hillsong) upbringing along with her attempts to understand the church. As she has an economics degree, it’s scary reading.

You will never drink Gloria Jean coffee again. And do avoid the handmade organic twelve tribes produce at your local music festival aka Common Ground Cafe, but that’s another story. Worse.

Still, Tanya, I take my hat off to you. That is one bad ass book you wrote. It is painful and personal and every bit gives a damn. You have pointed out all the things that are really really wrong with fundamental religions that are also so hard to pin down and examine.

I know i signed up for friday night youth club as a teenager and kind of went along with all the ‘stuff’ as long as there were cute whomevers… but after a while, it went from being a joke to ruling your life. And by then it’s too late to turn around and back out.

Fortunately, I never quite stuck long enough… but it was close. I read your book and can feel the breath of hot demons down the back of my neck.

A more detailed and interesting review of People in Glass Houses is by Chris Saliba, WebDiary.