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The Museum of Automobile Art and Design

Welcome to MOAAAD.org

I recently read an article defining the automobile as the best sculpture of the 20th century. Where do appliances sit in art theory? Code is poetry.

35 Phenomenal Fractal Art Pictures | Inspiration | Smashing Magazine

With 35 fabulous images in the article it was very hard to choose just one and on revisiting I’d pick a different handful for display. They are all fabulous. Attributions from top to bottom; Peter Sdobnov’s Treasure in 3D, Silwenka’s Gloris, Nabdrux An abstract piece of art by mailart-org, Quantum Fabric A pure fractal flame by Cory Ench and finally, Water Lilies
These fractal flames were created by Roger Johnston and are an “extension of the iterated function system class of fractals”.