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Not playing World Of Warcraft ! RLY NOT !

Every few years (ok 5 at last count) a xmas release activity (like Harry Potter on Xbox.. or before that Diablo!) comes along that keeps the sapient members of the household happy in their infrequent free time.

Then it becomes obsessive compulsive. Then we don’t sleep for a week or two. And call in sick from work and school. Then all hell breaks loose in our daily lives but by then we’re bored it so who cares.

Hey Roomies 09 Exhibition opened last night and I haven’t updated the blog for 3 weeks. Oops. What can I say. Life is very busy right now. Did I mention the dishwasher tried to burn the house down earlier this week? And my parent’s have moved in almost next door and we’re still assembling Ikea furniture and making Aldi weekly special trips. And then returning everything.


Just found Cyberfamilias

OMG my mom joined facebook is very very funny. ROFL.

I’m an official Michelle Slatalla (of the NY Times) fan. Until I read the rest of her articles – which will put an end to my constructive evening catching up on the w-league!

Mary Poppins strikes fear into the heart of merely mortals

I am in supercalifragilistic organisational mode. I think this is something that all mothers hit once or twice a year. It’s too late the week before school starts! Everything must be applied for and co-ordinated before December or you miss out.

There have been parallels with my whole life what with partners being overseas, parents downsizing, jobs being chucked, etc. etc.

insert chart here…

I am now officially OCD. I am color coding everything. I was pleased to find out that I”m not the only person who likes to have same color pegs grouped on the clothes line! Or sometimes I like different color combinations, like only orange and green in the front with blue and yellow at the back. Or blue is for me, yellow is for undies, etc. Ditto with push pins. If I’m in a yellow is for personal and blue is for school mood then DON’T jam a green pin on the board! I now offically hate blue and yellow. I have moved on.

When this gets too much for me, my answer is to give up hanging the washing out and revert to the drier. I’ve tried chucking tantrums and/or calling a strike and/or having a family meeting resulting in the Treaty of Versailles.

Previous result? Two lots of cleaners reducing me to nervous breakdown by their aggressive use of bleach and sugarsoap and scourers, scratching the surface off all of our stainless steel appliances and the bathroom cabinets and the glass doors. Even after I pointed this out, then left out paper towel and proper cleaning products. They still used their own whenever I wasn’t there. They even carried them in brand name cleaning product canisters, but I checked – sugar soap and bleach.

Latest result? Sensitive new age partner (SNAP) reduced me to nervous breakdown by scratching the surface off all the new (ish) lino demonstrating his willingness to help and his complete inability to be instructed. My fault for talking wrong.

Agreement reached at the latest Yalta Conference? Clear color coded delineation of all roles in the family corporation. Regular meetings to report to the bored. Sackings are definitely on the cards if we don’t meet our targets. Acknowledgement that HOUSEWORK IS THE HEAT DEATH OF THE UNIVERSE. There is no defeating entropy!

Second Law of Thermodynamics btw. as quoted below by Dr James Kranz

The heart of your question concerns the equilibrium state of the universe, and how the one of the laws of thermodynamics, that “entropy always increases”, seems to be defied by the buildup of a net charge difference between materials that shows up as static electricity. I need to spend a little time on thermodynamics. At its essence, the thermodynamics of a system really describes an energy balance; like balancing a checkbook, the energy going into a system or flowing out of a system is in balance with the rest of the world. (Money is a VERY good analogy to energy in a thermodynamic sense). Here is my favorite description of the laws of thermodynamics in a colloquial sense:

1) You can’t break even (i.e. entropy always increases).
2) You can break even, but only when hell freezes over (i.e. you can stop entropy from changing/increasing at absolute zero temperature).
3) Hell isn’t going to freeze over (i.e. though you can get close, you can’t get to absolute zero).

All changes of energy are in balance on the scale of the universe; locally
we can change the balance of energy in apparent defiance of the first law of thermodynamics. It takes substantial effort to roll a large rock up a hill; perched on the top of the hill, it retains potential energy that would be released if the boulder rolls back down the hill under the force of gravity. Static electricity is a lot like the energetic state achieved when the builder is perched at the top of a hill but has not begun rolling down.

Family Life 1949 to 2009 – not so diffrent akshully

This exact same scenario dominated my weekend. Where was Educational Collaborator Florence King, M.S. Assistant Professor Home Economics, University of Illinois when I needed her 10 years ago! Our conclusions are eerily identical.

I love this video. And it is so 2009. Mere cosmetic differences. Women are in the paid workforce, self included occasionally, but I would argue that this is a class issue not a feminist victory. Women have always worked if the family has needed it.

My current meme is wondering if it was ever possible for gender to have the same method of revolution as class, race, religion, ethnicity or sexuality. All of which have revolutionised society far more successfully!

More on that one to come. Meanwhile address all correspondence to the Chief Executive Officer of The Family.

But wait, there’s more..

“The Three Big Questions for a Frantic Family: A Leadership Fable About Restoring Sanity To The Most Important Organization In Your Life”

Patrick M. Lencioni ISBN: 978-0-7879-9532-4

In this unique and groundbreaking book, business consultant and New York Times best-selling author Patrick Lencioni turns his sights on the most important organization in our lives—the family. As a husband and the father of four young boys, Lencioni realized the discrepancy between the time and energy his clients put into running their organizations and the reactive way most people run their personal lives. Having experienced the stress of a frantic family firsthand, he and his wife began applying some of the tools he uses with Fortune 500 companies at home, and with surprising results.

Perhaps hubby can get it as a business expense? I think he has some others by the same author. I’ve already watched Florence King, M.S.

Here’s a great new reality show. One family, 2 gurus. Who will survive?

Seven year old skeptic!

My seven year old has just handed me a tooth and asked for a dollar. I asked if she wanted to put it under her pillow, as per tradition, cause I know she loves tradition.

She said there was no need to. She knows the tooth fairy is me because a while back she put an old tooth under her pillow and waited and waited. No tooth fairy.

Then she wrapped it up and told me she’d lost a tooth. And found a dollar under her pillow the next morning. So, now she knows the tooth fairy is me.

I’ve just given her another dollar for solid scientific thinking – hypothesis and repeatable experiment. She is a born skeptic. Go geek girls everywhere!

ps. Parents, don’t be lazy with those lost teeth! Stow the sentimentality. Clever children recycle.

who said going home wasn’t easy?

550 plants planted (not all in picture yet)
3 medium sized trees removed
1 large fence removed
1,147 sqm land weeded, raked, hosed, sprayed, planted and scraped clean inch by inch
10 sq centimetres of flesh missing from my feet where pressure hose missed paths, stairs, walls, showers, gutters, eaves etc.

500kg of rubbish personally taken to tip
500kg of rubbish taken out for council pick ups
300kg rubbish bagged ready to go next trip
300kg gone to the Salvos
200kg book fair books ready to go
the whole inside of the house now ready to be sorted…

1 mother having nervous breakdown
1 patient real estate agent
1 father away for the weekend
1 sibling prima donna departure
1 sibling long distance just let go

1 husband who’d rather be at work paying for it all
3 kids had fun helping actually!
1 once was grumpy me, now …

1 beautiful house in new lambton for auction on november 22nd

additions to friars balsam

Pots of lotus in the temple gardens at Tongdosa.