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Denise Litchfield Knits Newtown!

Denise Litchfield (and Baxter) tagging in the May Lane Art Project, St Peters. (photo Sahlan Hayes)
Go Denise! I know Denise through Roomies Artspace. She’s been a great champion for Clarrice Collien’s amazing window wire and wool tapestries and I’ll post on the upcoming Roomies Exhibition at Parliament House February 5th to 27th.
I love Denise’s take on knitting: “It redefines street art and is also a reference to graffiti,” the Stanmore woman said. “It’s absurd and feminine and fun.”

Knitta is the global outlier of guerilla knitting. As mentioned in the SMH article by Sunanda Creagh, January 14 2009. Which I’m quoting in full because… GO DENISE!

WHERE other graffiti artists use spraypaint, Denise Litchfield uses wool. Litchfield is part of a growing global movement of guerilla knitters, who stitch their handmade creations onto trees, poles, street lights and other objects in the public domain.
“It redefines street art and is also a reference to graffiti,” the Stanmore woman said. “It’s absurd and feminine and fun.”
Using recycled or cast-off yarn, Litchfield has attached her creations to poles and trees in Newtown and Rozelle and her long-term goal is to knit cosies for fire hydrants and bollards.
Ms Litchfield also pokes fun at the notion of a graffiti “tag” by creating cardboard swing tags similar to those attached to items in a boutique.
“I write messages on them and put them on bikes and dogs. One friend said she was walking down King Street and saw a tag that said ‘All your problems have been taken care of’ and thought, ‘Yeah, I needed to hear that,’ ” Litchfield said.
“I have been doing it for about six months and I don’t know of anyone else doing it in Sydney. I haven’t been intercepted by a council ranger yet but often when I put them up people stop to ask what I am doing and to have a chat,” she said.
Litchfield has won the support of a Marrickville councillor, Peter Olive.
“I’d be only too happy for her to do some knitting in the Marrickville local government area,” he said. “I see it as a form of art and it’s not harmful or anyone else’s property or the public space. I think it should be encouraged.”
Emily Howes, an expert from University of Technology, Sydney, and author of a PhD thesis on “indie craft”, said guerilla knitters operated in Scandinavia, the US, Japan and South Africa. She thinks Litchfield might be Sydney’s first.
“I think there is a groundswell of activity. The really big guerilla craft group is a collective called Knitta, which has outposts around the world,” she said. “They see craft as a subversive and politically motivated act – a way of jolting people out of their comfortable reverie.”

My Feminist T-shirt Idea !

Is ‘box’ a specifically australian slang for cunt? Or is it just very 70s?

Does anyone remember “The Box” a classic Oz sex and soap opera like “Number 96”. I can’t believe I was allowed to stay up late and salaciously watch those shows at such a tender age!

Saw some other great feminist t-shirt ideas at ….

The Dawn Chorus
Ariel Gore and the infamous “got breastmilk?” shirt saga

of course you can just search Red Bubble, Zazzle, CafePress and others for ‘feminism’ or some such but you’d be surprised how many “I support Sarah Palin” shirts that turns up!

I think my other favourite all purpose t-shirt is.. “If you’re not outraged, you’re not paying attention!”

Thank you Zazzle for your t-shirt designing tools. If I get round to making an account I’ll post this shirt for sale.

Hey Lolcats – get a job!

Tama the cat, stationmaster on the Kishigara line in Japan – world’s first professional lolcat?

But it is not her labours on the platform which have seen the cash rolling in. It is rather Tama’s irresistible charm which has brought tourists flocking in their thousands to the western city of Kinokawa to see the feline worker patrolling in the uniform of her office – a Wakayama Electric Railway cap.

With 55,000 more people having used the Kishigawa Line than would normally be expected, Tama’s contribution to the local economy is calculated to have reached as much as Y1.1 billion ($A13.5 million) in 2007 alone, according to a study announced last week. from SMH

Tama’s mother was a stray adopted by the station cleaner. So adopt a stray today. Cat Protection Society.

Feminism’s Great Leap Forward? Virtual Boyfriends are the NEW BIG THING!

Or simply curing loneliness 2.0? Reportedly, 52% of members are Japanese females in their twenties, with thirty-somethings accounting for 18% of the user base. Could such an idiosyncratic approach also succeed in the US or Europe?

I can certainly see the need, but currently a webkare seems as satisfying as a wii-fit. I’m looking forward to the customisable, hackable virtual boyfriend. Kind of like waiting for my gps to do passive male aggressive with an Australian accent.

clipped from www.techcrunch.com

In Japan, girls are crazy over virtual boyfriends. Webkare (Web Boyfriend in Japanese), a mix between a social network and dating simulation site, is Nippon’s newest web sensation. Geared exclusively towards girls, the site attracted over 10,000 members just 5 days after its release on September 10, racking up 3.5 million page views in the same time frame.

The site is a huge hit over here. Girls sign up and become members of a social network but also users of a dating simulation in cartoon style. They have to try to hook up with one of four male Anime characters (who are the “stars” of the site) through “conversations” and must collaborate with other Webkare members in order to move on in the game. Eventually they conquer the heart of the chosen cartoon boy.

Reportedly, 52% of members are Japanese females in their twenties, with thirty-somethings accounting for 18% of the user base. Could such an idiosyncratic approach to curing Loneliness 2.0 work in the US or Europe?

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Self Fulfilling Prophecies not Fun, Fearless Females

women who read glossys are voting for glossy women.

clipped from www.smh.com.au
She's fun, fearless and female ... Fifi Box.

Fifi Box took the top honours at the Fun, Fearless, Female awards as
voted by 80,000 readers of Cosmopolitan magazine. The awards recognise women’s achievements in TV, radio, fashion,
sport, music and business.

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Geek Illustrated – so glad i found it

Touch me Will Robinson

Touch me Will Robinson
Touch me Will Robinson
Touch me Will Robinson

…what self proclaimed geek hasn’t felt a frisson of excitement or stroked up a frenzy with all that gorgeous touchscreenery that’s become the mainstay of small hand-held devices.

Recent talk and media coverage surrounding University of Maastricht’s artificial intelligence researcher, David Levy’s thesis “Intimate Relationships with Artificial Partners,” in which he proposes that robots will become so human-like in appearance, function and personality that many people will fall in love with them, have sex with them and even marry them, has had my mind spinning in all directions, reflecting on the kind of current relationships I have with the machines in my life – none of which I think can be seriously considered “robots”, although even the definition of “robot” if Wikipedia is to be believed, seems as contentious and fraught with complexity as the actual prospect of considering a life-long attachment to a robot partner .

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Alpha Mummy vs Slummy Mummy – WWF heaven

Go see the Times crew who led me to the next post Super Mummy.

Truthfully, I rather like the old Slummy Mummy too, and Slummy Mummies in general. Only be extraordinary when you feel like it.

The rest of the time, Frankly Scarlet! Don’t give a damn!

Damn, I wish I’d called one of the kids, Frankly Scarlet!