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This is a thing that i found while looking at lifestreaming….

came to the egg.co blog by yongfook from yongfook’s lifestream sweetcron – and i think he/she’s the developer of sweetcron which is moving fast up the list of today i decide on what platform to focus on!

what i love here is the embedded TED talks are all ones i love and are influencing my thinking right now!

TED Talks (Newtown Kids Science Club PLUS)


TED is a global phenomenon. Originally a conference bringing together people from Technology, Entertainment and Design, TED events now bring together the best thinkers in every walk of life and every part of the world and share their ideas. For free. Each TED Talk at Newtown Public School will start with an interesting TED video selection followed by a discussion chaired by a local expert. 

6 to 7.30pm Thursday evenings at Newtown Public School.

NEXT: Thursday 4th June 2009 “Who Makes the Games Our Children Play?”
featuring video from Dr Brenda Laurel (Virtual Reality pioneer) “Making Games for Girls” ; 

David Perry (Enter the Matrix etc) “Game Design for the Future”
and Dr Patti Maes and Pranav Mistry (MIT Media Lab) “The Sixth Sense”

chaired by Dr Michael Harries PhD Artificial Intelligence

Please come along and promote at schools in the Newtown area!

The Fortune at the Bottom of the Pyramid – recommended #cua09

Turns out we have it at home already! I’m making mix tapes (aka stacks of books) for my partner from my back catalogue and he’s making mix tapes for me. I sometimes start salivating when I walk in the door and look at the stack of books on my table. Although it’s often weeks before I get any reading time. (book via amazon.com – not monetized by click throughs!)

In economics, the bottom of the pyramid is the largest, but poorest socio-economic group. In global terms, this is the four billion people who live on less than $2 per day, typically in developing countries. The phrase “bottom of the pyramid” is used in particular by people developing new models of doing business that deliberately target that demographic, often using new technology. This field is also often referred to as the “Base of the Pyramid” or just the “BoP”.

Several books and journal articles have been written on the potential market by members of business schools offering consultancy on the burgeoning market. They include The Fortune at the Bottom of the Pyramid by C.K. Prahalad of the University of Michigan, Capitalism at the Crossroads by Stuart L. Hart of Cornell University and the first empirical article Reinventing strategies for emerging markets: Beyond the transnational model, by Ted London of the University of Michigan and Hart. London has also developed a working paper, commissioned by the United Nations Development Programme, that explores the contributions of the BoP literature to the poverty alleviation domain

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Am I only dreaming?

Apparently I was snoring but I’m sure I wasn’t asleep!

I don’t think I sleep very well. Sleep comes in fits and starts. My nights are ravelled and the day is hard to greet. There are some patches of blank slumber and others of vivid wild dreams, but most is a stream of consciousness or a submerged musing state, that’s neither awake nor asleep. Or so I thought.

I was ‘woken’ last night from a state of musing or semiconsciousness by M. I certainly couldn’t hear myself snoring. WTF? I was kind of thinking “about how hard it was to sleep and it was time to change the mental soccer game because I was getting stressed about ball skills and tackles and that the art show i segued into could be interesting cause it was more random and dreamy as I don’t really do art….” SHOVE

What was happening inside my head?

Did I fall asleep, start snoring and on sudden awakening seamlessly pick up the thoughts that I was having as I fell asleep?
Has dreaming become musing? a reflection on consciousness that has tuned out the external surroundings?
Or did I create the entire scenario in an instant? in which case we might be perpetually unspooling our experiences and always becoming yet believing that we are the end point.

So I could be dreaming that I’m awake when I thought that I wasn’t sleeping. Or M could have been dreaming the whole thing and just pushed me for his own twisted reasons.

I am looking forward to finishing “The Brain that Changes” by Dr Norman Doidge.

AVOs – how to fix the broken system!

“If you’re not outraged, you’re not paying attention!”

This is so depressing. Another woman killed after taking out an AVO. Melissa Cook took out an AVO. Her soon to be ex-husband shot her and then killed himself.

Last month the Herald revealed that at least 74 women and dozens of children die in Australia each year at the hands of violent men. Experts warn the real rates are even higher because of weaknesses in the way homicide data is collected.

Melissa’s death will not be counted in these figures. As her husband is dead, he will not be charged. That’s what is being counted here. How many men are charged. Not how many women and children are killed.

I’ve had some friends go through this recently and I was kind of involved in the recent campaigns against gender violence. It’s not my favorite issue to get bent about but it’s driving me crazy grumpy.

I have an idea. We should give everyone man, woman and child who applies for an AVO a mobile phone (or similar emergency beacon). Paint it bright yellow. Make the buttons big. Set it to contact emergency services only and the battery will last for about 3 months. They make pretty good location broadcasters too.

So, you ask for an AVO. While you’re waiting for stuff to happen, you have an emergency beacon. Any time you set it off, police respond in person. There may be false alarms. Of course there will be! But imagine the deterrent effect!

If everyone expects the emergency AVO to be answered, then there will be far fewer attempts to threaten and harm. If we as a society agree that it is valuable to take an AVO seriously enough to provide some sort of real protection, then we start to change. The need for protection will decrease.

This would be totally cheap to set up from a technology point of view. A mobile phone will do it. The manpower to respond is the tough one. The NSW police force is trying to cut down on overtime due to extreme budgetary constraints. I also hear that more than 70% of police time is spent in court or on paperwork.

Beachobatics meet smart mobs! WANT!

I am in love with these photos. SMH – Lost art of beachobatics – photos by George Caddy – exhibition opening at State Library on Monday.

Now I want all the acrobats I know to call all their friends and meet me on Bondi on Sunday – but when – and who – and how – that’s the problem! Setting up the smart mob. It’s supposed to be seamless, automatic and autonomic!

Is primate behaviour primitive? cont.

Kissing is fashionable. Lip kissing as opposed to air or cheek kissing. If we were all Madonna that would be just fine.

But we aren’t. Why not adopt the hongi, or Maori nose rub instead?

from SMH… Australian body language expert Allan Pease has been lip-kissed by a stranger twice in recent weeks.

“I don’t know where it started but it’s certainly catching on. It’s big in Britain and it’s filtering through here too,” Pease said.

Pease, who wrote The Definitive Book Of Body Language with his wife Barbara, said: “We’re definitely becoming more comfortable with our sexuality. While the origin of human mouth kissing was for force feeding your babies – whereby the mother would masticate her food and put it into her baby’s mouth with her tongue – the primary purpose these days of kissing on the lips is to stimulate the genitals. Lip kissers might deny it, but it has to be sexual.”

That gets into an interesting debate about life giving origins of kissing and the number of cultures globally who use other forms… like the hongi. Note that the sort of kissing discussed here is the ‘french kiss’. Hopefully, more informed discussion will follow while I garden today.