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Artistic inspiration – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

A woman searches for inspiration, in this 1898 painting by William-Adolphe Bouguereau.

Pun intended above. I do get my artistic inspiration from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This project is all about The Application As Art.

I’ve been gathering information from friends, from strangers, from the twitterverse, trying to direct my sudden urge to create, to study and produce into the appropriate vessel at a university.

CoFA and UWS courses have had good reviews but I’ve already done a lot of production and am not seeking employment in that area. I really want to talk and theorise, to blog, pod and vlog, to lifestream my consciousness and get a good dialogue going.

I’ve spent too much time twiddling the knobs of various feeds ands posts to pull a 300 word proposal together but I plan to release the work in progress as we go. Next post – the untidy initial idea.

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