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Sex Strike – thinking outside the box

from SMH

Thousands of Kenyan women vowed on Wednesday to begin a week-long sex strike to try to protest their country’s bickering leadership, which they say threatens to revive the bloody chaos that convulsed the African country last year.

Leaders from Kenya’s largest and oldest group dedicated to women’s rights, the Women’s Development Organisation, said they hope the boycott will persuade men to pressure the government to make peace.

Eleven women’s groups are participating in the strike. The groups have also called on the wives of President Mwai Kibaki and Prime Minister Raila Odinga to abstain. It was not clear how either wife responded to the request.

“We have looked at all issues which can bring people to talk and we have seen that sex is the answer,” said Rukia Subow, chairman of the Women’s Development Organisation.

“It does not know tribe, it does not have a (political) party and it happens in the lowest households.”

Many men in Kenya are polygamous, as is allowed by law. Kenyan government spokesman Alfred Mutua said he was unaware of the strike. The disputed election between Kibaki and then-challenger Odinga led to violence that killed more than 1000 people and left more than 600,000 homeless. The two were installed after a month of mediation, but infighting has threatened to break apart the fragile coalition.

Salt-N-Pepa – Let’s Talk About Sex in Sydney

Do you remember when? I was always hoping for just a little bit more from these women. But Salt-n-Pepa really were the best around at the start of the hip hop and rap era. There still haven’t been many other challengers. Isn’t that sad!

Speaking of other challengers, I’m way out of date but all I can think of are Missy Elliot, Queen Latifah and Lauryn Hill.

Anyway, I can’t quite bring myself to go along and relive the 80s to 90s but almost… Check out the show at the Enmore Theatre.

Don’t forget this was when AIDS was a very very dirty word! Now if only the debate included prostitution, these girls would get 3 SWORDS but as it is I’m going for 2 SWORDS.

Somewhat Frank vs Non Society – Talk About Sex

In the words of the great Salt-n-Pepa, “Let’s Talk About Sex, Baby!”

Isn’t vidcasting some kind of interesting? It’s all about sex. Thirty something mating behaviours to be exact. Whether you are actually younger or older it doesn’t matter. This whole ‘let’s film ourselves having serious discussions for everyone else out there’ is some sophisticated mating marketplace behaviour.

I went in looking for Web 3.0, Social Networking and Feminism. Look what I came out with!

“We took a walk in the park and got to chatting about startups,
technology, electric cars, pets and even encountered a rather
distracting making out session. Check out video episode 46 on SOMEWHAT FRANK with Meghan Asha from NonSociety (below).”

Kerriejean gets a leg over the internet thingy

Conjugal Rights Back On Agenda: Guest Essayist

In Praise of Conjugal Rights, or Why a Little More Kant could Save Your Marriage.
Marriage is a contract between two people for the mutual use of the sex organs declared the German philosopher Immanuel Kant more than 200 years ago.
Kant himself was a confirmed bachelor, and we know little of what use he made of his sex organs, let alone anyone else’s.
His definition of marriage has been ridiculed ever since. But here at the Institute for Advanced Studies, we think it has a lot to recommend it.

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And hearby you are awarded TWO SWORDS for sheer attitude!

Lipstick Jungle – it’s Spinal Tap for feminists.

Damn those superwomen! There’s a kind of dirty pleasure, a schadenfreude or frisson in this show, it’s feminism as commodity fetishism.

Literally. It’s not about making women powerful. It’s about making powerful women sexy. Which as we all know becomes a contradiction in terms unless we’re getting a bit bdsm here.

Feminism is dead but someone’s tanned its hide and the heels are to die for! These boots are made for walking kind of hell on wheels happening here. It’s murderballicious, babe.

If you must, then you must read the recaps. http://www.televisionwithoutpity.com/show/lipstick_jungle/pilot_45.php

The Three Faces of Me – Mad, Mum and Menopaused

“The truth is, a great mind must be androgynous.” Coleridge.

2008 has been marked by early menopause. So to celebrate, I’m taking Menopause the Moshpit and all things grumpy old woman to a new blog – andragy.com

The stages of life have blurred somewhat. I’m still in the middle of the playground mafia but I’ve gone from presexual, to full sexual, to breeder (thus no sex) to … been there done that… let’s talk about bonescans. Good news though after the hot flushes have finished the sex drive returns and I don’t need to worry about having more children! Haven’t got round to telling my hubbie yet though, I’m still wondering just how many laps I want to take a sex drive for.

And I’m still young enough to be going to gigs, learning to surf and playing soccer – albeit creakily at times. And I’m still mad enough to give a shit that feminism is harder to find than a flea’s dick with a microscope. (Why do women think they won? What is this post feminist rhetoric? We have entered a pre-Victorian era!)

So Azabela will wait for the return of the woman warrior and all three faces of me are moving to somewhere grumpier… perhaps with a bigger agenda. And whatever happened to those earlier blogs that I forgot about?

Andragyne; the union of both sexes in one body. (Websters)

And i know promote myself to 3 SWORDS for bringing all the grumbling into one long loud SHOUT OUT!

Feminism is dead – really?

I got howled down at dinner last night when i said “feminism is dead”… oddly enough it was mainly the male contingent who were assuring me that women have never had it so good. The most positive female comment was that young women are so much more confident these days.

i agree… but there’s confidence and there’s the real world. Power, security and wealth are still largely male domains. Yes, there are more women bank managers… but i think being a bank manager has become a downgraded job. There are still very few female CEOs, board leaders, Exec Directors, Ministers etc.

what gets my goat! is that girls are proud of their right to take all their clothes off and have casual sex. YYAAYY! But whose best interest is being served? You still can’t get paid! Why not legitimise sex work if we’re going to make an industry out of promoting the sexualisation of women.

show me the money!