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Video: There’s Sexy Technology, Then There’s This… | Cult of Mac

I have seen this with my own eyes. A side note: searching for ‘sexy technology’ throws up heaps of stock photos of women with bits of metal or plastic attached somewhere. Not a single male image in the search. Also interesting… there were one or two photos included where I could find no external technology at all. So the woman must have been the ‘sexy technology’. Cyborg much?

Hot or Not – some interesting stuff

In 2005, as an example of using image morphing methods to study the effects of averageness, imaging researcher Pierre Tourigny created a composite of about 30 faces to find out the current standard of good looks on the Internet (as shown above). On the popular Hot or Not web site, people rate others’ attractiveness on a scale of 1 to 10. An average score based on hundreds or even thousands of individual ratings takes only a few days to emerge. To make this hot or not palette of morphed images, photos from the site were sorted by rank and used SquirlzMorph to create multi-morph composites from them. Unlike projects like Face of Tomorrow where the subjects are posed for the purpose, the portraits are blurry because the source images are low resolution with differences in posture, hair styles, glasses, etc., so that here images could use only 36 control points for the morphs.[6] A similar study was done with Miss Universe contestants, as shown in the averageness article, as well as one for age, as shown in youthfulness article.

A recent 2006 “hot” or “not” style study, involving 264 women and 18 men, at the Washington University School of Medicine, as published online in the journal Brain Research, indicates that a person’s brain determines whether an image is erotic long before the viewer is even aware they are seeing the picture. Moreover, according to these researchers, one of the basic functions of the brain is to classify images into a hot or not type categorization. The study’s researchers also discovered that sexy shots induce a uniquely powerful reaction in the brain, equal in effect for both men and women, and that erotic images produced a strong reaction in the hypothalamus.[7]

Body of work: from porn to mainstream

A woman of many parts … Sasha Grey as Chelsea, a high-priced call girl in The Girlfriend Experience, which is screening in competition at the Sydney Film Festival.

A woman of many parts … Sasha Grey as Chelsea, a high-priced call girl in The Girlfriend Experience, which is screening in competition at the Sydney Film Festival.

Go, Sasha, Go! Although, it is somewhat Story of O. I am surprised by the surprise that Sasha’s story provokes. As Soderbergh says towards the end of his interview. “Sasha has a 5 year plan, that’s something most of the GfE’s we interviewed had.”

She’s in control, somewhat. At least she is more successfully exploiting the situation than most. GfE is now the euphemism for call girl, or escort. Sex worker doesn’t get a look in! Now that looking and moving like a pole dancer is compulsory in youth culture, I’m waiting for a rise in the status of sex work. Bring it on, baby.

Better Dead than Red, Kerriejean!

At least that unbecoming shade of red. Turn the other communist chic like the Progressive Dinner Party. I’ve been skunking in blogs recently and can nearly always pick the age of blogger by the decor. Sometimes it’s also the age of the blog.
Primary and clunky or neon and flickery.. not just the 80s but the early html code taught myself to write.
UPDATE: Alas poor kerrie jean’s blog is on leave without pay. Possibly full suspension. It was a very bad bad blog and … THIS is why you should ALWAYS have YOUR OWN server passwords and OWN YOUR OWN DOMAIN. Cause sometimes things stop serving the deserving.

Femporn, zenporn, scarlet letter

What’s out there for stylish sex like nightcharm for men (gay men)

Zenporn links me to scarlet letter, femerotica, a few women..

wooden dildos, furry women, mind caviar and get this… vegan porn.

that takes green to a whole new level