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I can’t think unless it’s raining.

the continuing untidy notes are in absolute sync with the downpour outside.

memo: get geotagging to go with the tweetpics

I stared inspired at my screen, which encompasses universes, (the earth from space is the single most downloaded image of all time) for ages before deciding against any of the applications available.

I have saved a spiral bound hard cover book and a fluid blue ink pen for special occasions. Untainted by domesticia.

The sussurant knitting of pen across paper is sending me into a dreamy state.

Three dog night. Three wolf moon. Cerberus howls.

my original untidy notes continue:

Small personalized applications like accretions or skins. Meaning of art? The creation of reaction in a constructive fashion.

As opposed to the constrictions of fashion, albeit art is symbolically guarded by the 3 headed dog of design, fashion and appreciation.

Issues of the body: Images of the work space with a maze of books, piled here and there. Steering one literally through. The space of production and the means of production are synonomous.

Venera 1: first visit to another planet

May 19th 1961. Although communications were lost with Venera 1 before the event.

The Application As Art: define terms. Query use as/of/in/or/is ?

Define art: That’s a big one. Vlog with Henry Mulholland and Roomies Artspace for the artist’s perspective throughout the project.

Blog it: Capture the lifestream of project as ongoing work in progress. Multiple sources ideal therefore tumblr, storytlr, posterous or sweetcron better than wordpress or blogger.

Art, culture, entertainment or technology: Which platform or medium are most emotional experiences being delivered to us? Validation of movies in 20th century as new artform through new media.

Credibility of the mundane, perhaps we are preHomeric awaiting the rise of epic?

MMORGs role in subsuming movies. Production of mashups as polished delivery of academia. Appreciation of culture jamming. Citations obviously include Burroughs and Gibson.

Rise of social inequity in the production and ownership of media being overthrown with the mass uptake of digital technology and then restored with the online/offline divide. Spirality of rise in a dialectic transferred to edge-centric understanding.

19th May i also lose my head

Anne Boleyn in the Tower by Edouard Cibot (1799 – 1877)

19th May: I run downstairs at 10 minutes to midnight proclaiming “The Application IS Art!”

I am unable to sleep for rest of evening until I have scrawled these untidy notes and kept my partner awake to enjoy my excitement. On reflection, I can see why he was not as excited as I was. But when I finish turning raw synapse flashes into a crafty singularity then I hope everyone will enjoy this.

Tick Tick Tick – my master’s application is late!

Enzo Mari - Timor desk calendar, 1966; Enzo Mari exhibit, Spazio Italia gallery, IIC Los Angeles April 10-June 27 2008

Enzo Mari – Timor desk calendar, 1966; Enzo Mari exhibit, Spazio Italia gallery, IIC Los Angeles April 10-June 27 2008

Enzo Mari is one of the people we have to thank for Italian design’s world prominence since World War II. His designs have always combined playfulness, practicality, and the unparalleled elegance of simplicity, all driven by an eagerness to work with new and old materials alike. Even as you admire their sculptural line and their machine-like logic you have to lift and fondle them like toys. Some of them are toys; Mari’s designs for kids’ books and objects themselves constitute a minor revolution in design for children. Similarly, the Pop brightness and futuristic stylizations of his designs for adults – for the workplace, for the home, for the kitchen, for the body – underscore rather than obscure their almost addictive usefulness. Like his countrymen, Milan-basaed Mari loves to play with and re-think ordinary objects; unlike so many of them, he is taken less with his own cleverness than with the magic of objecthood itself. A selection of about 60 Mari designs fills the Istituto Italiano di Cultura.

Too much time is being spent setting up the whole AmIArt lifestream and not enough time putting 300 little words together. 20 tweets.