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Why Y2K?

Loved it. I have the number plate. Got married that day. etc etc.

Why doesn’t anyone talk about it anymore?

Column inches devoted to Y2K before 1/1/00 – approx 38500km or enough to reach moon for 36th time. (Although not with the same bang as India’s first lunar landing in November 2008.)

Column inches devoted to Y2K after 1/1/00 – approx 3km or a short dog walk. (If you can hear the whimper, it’s the dog complaining.)

Waiting for the Y2K reunion next year.

Let’s have a blast!

Miranda Devine – No Sword Award EVER

This is a old response to a Miranda Devine opinion piece. I got over it. I decided that publicising idiots like the above and Sam De Brito was a waste of my life and gave legs to things that ought to be humanely put down. However, I’ve changed my mind. One should always object to stupidity and inhumanity.

Ms inaptly named Devine, You have trivialized feminism and all of the issues affected by gender power imbalances to such a degree and in such a way that i mistook you for a rabidly reactionary redneck male of the most ill intentioned and misinformed sort.

You have done exactly what Sarah Palin does that is so ‘inexplicably upsetting to women!’. Your article turned a huge list of really bad things into the suggestion that ‘we’ were simply JEALOUS.

I should have stopped reading but I wanted to find out who the idiot behind the article was, Ms Devine, so I could avoid you in future. I won’t link to it. I don’t think anyone needs more crap in their lives.

I think that you like starting fires but I wouldn’t even piss on you in public to put this fire out, lest you get some kind of perverted pleasure from it.

You can always come see me in private.

Republicans vs World and why homeland security reads my blog

I’m not paranoid. Not long ago, I only had 3 people reading this blog. Me, my partner and someone in Washington. I blame it on my post “Stop attacking Sarah Palin’s character” and am contemplating changing it to “Stop assassinating Sarah Palin’s character”, just to see if it shakes loose more monkeys.

So, in your honour, here’s the ‘so funny it hurts’ US Presidential map from Rachel Hills at Musings of an inappropriate woman, from the 5th Down Under Feminists Carnival hosted by Hell on Hairy Legs. Fabulous work!

Thanks to my statcounter, I was able to see that I am now being read by the Australian Department of Parliamentary Services in Canberra. Ever since I posted on the Hollowmen – Waste of Energy, in fact.

The Hollowmen – Waste of Energy

I love The Hollowmen – ABC Wednesday 8.30 – season finale next week. I just caught some of Season 2 Episode 5 “A Waste of Energy”.. describing the PMs new strategy on promoting reduced carbon footprints and solar panels in schools.. or something similar.

They’ve been to our school under cover, I reckon. I thought it was Peter Garrett launching the Schools Solar Initiative AND opening the school garden… but wait there’s more. We can’t fund an OOSHC extension to give our kids more than .5m space each indoors, and yet we’ve just received another $50,000 grant to put more solar panels in or on.

I’ve suggested that we fund the whole OOSHC extension as a support mechanism for solar panels cause by now we must have run out of roof anywhere else. I haven’t yet been taken seriously.

People in Glass Houses – Tanya Levin – 2 SWORDS

The best local cult book is by far, “People in Glass Houses” by Tanya Levin. Published in 2007, Tanya describes her slow path away from a fundamental (Hillsong) upbringing along with her attempts to understand the church. As she has an economics degree, it’s scary reading.

You will never drink Gloria Jean coffee again. And do avoid the handmade organic twelve tribes produce at your local music festival aka Common Ground Cafe, but that’s another story. Worse.

Still, Tanya, I take my hat off to you. That is one bad ass book you wrote. It is painful and personal and every bit gives a damn. You have pointed out all the things that are really really wrong with fundamental religions that are also so hard to pin down and examine.

I know i signed up for friday night youth club as a teenager and kind of went along with all the ‘stuff’ as long as there were cute whomevers… but after a while, it went from being a joke to ruling your life. And by then it’s too late to turn around and back out.

Fortunately, I never quite stuck long enough… but it was close. I read your book and can feel the breath of hot demons down the back of my neck.

A more detailed and interesting review of People in Glass Houses is by Chris Saliba, WebDiary.

Somewhat Frank vs Non Society – Talk About Sex

In the words of the great Salt-n-Pepa, “Let’s Talk About Sex, Baby!”

Isn’t vidcasting some kind of interesting? It’s all about sex. Thirty something mating behaviours to be exact. Whether you are actually younger or older it doesn’t matter. This whole ‘let’s film ourselves having serious discussions for everyone else out there’ is some sophisticated mating marketplace behaviour.

I went in looking for Web 3.0, Social Networking and Feminism. Look what I came out with!

“We took a walk in the park and got to chatting about startups,
technology, electric cars, pets and even encountered a rather
distracting making out session. Check out video episode 46 on SOMEWHAT FRANK with Meghan Asha from NonSociety (below).”

Gillian on Survivor Gabon – 1 SWORD

I read the snarky recaps at Television Without Pity whenever I want light entertainment. I don’t actually watch the show. Stupid television is more alluring with added snark.

Survivor: Gabon: Who Will Outwit, Outplay and Outlast?


Stats: 61, from Temecula, CA, Retired nurse
In Their Own Words: She’s playing for the baby boomers and beyond, showing that the game can be played with “gumption and guts instead of boobs and butts.”
Fun Facts: Born in South Africa, she’s applied to be on the game 15 times. She got a butterfly tattoo on her hip at age 60.

Verdict: She’s traveled around the world, loves adventure sports, is in shape and a dedicated fan of the show. This “American citizen with an African soul” is determined to be the oldest winner yet. Who are we to say she can’t be?

blog it

Gillian, you are an in-your-face try-hard. I do love it. You totally deserve a SWORD. But only one. Because, face it, this is a show about boobs, butts and bloody boring idiots. The rest of the mob… forget it.

It’s impressive that you made it past the first elimination, you are an ‘old woman’. There was no way you were going much further. The people who are voting you out are idiots or men or both. Amazing women do not succeed on shows like Survivor (just like real life). Think Stephanie and Cirie.

But you knew that, didn’t you, Gillian? You’ve applied to be on the show 15 times!