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Suzuki Parent Experiment Week 3.m4v – YouTube

My playing is slowly improving, although I can’t imagine anyone voluntarily listening to me play either O Come Little Children, OR Long Long Ago. I’m struggling with keeping fourth finger and first finger in the right place. Low 2 is coming up soon and I think it will slow me down further.

andragy’s Channel – YouTube


I hope there’s more to see than the blackout! Week 3 of my Suzuki Parent Experiment has ended and I’m fumbling with fourth finger, and memory and coordination!

Suzuki Parent Experiment Week 1 – YouTube

As I reach the end of my first week learning viola, I can already see a slight improvement. I’ll record Twinkle again tomorrow. I can admit though that practise hurts. It’s hard to find time and energy for it. I sympathise with the children more. They also practise more when they hear me trying. The neighbours must really love us!