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The Robot State | Technology, Culture and Gender

Automated Life After Death

GRUMPY CUSTOMER: Adam Robertson, 24, has been left $900 out of pocket after a company he bought a tablet computer from shut down following the death of the owner. ANDREW GORRIE/Fairfax NZ

It strikes me that this is a very cyborg/robot kind of story. Our automated lives continue after death. Who has the power to turn off your systems? What impact will your proxies and extensions have on the lives of other people. There are a growing number of online executor businesses like legacy locker (tech crunch article about). The focus is largely on social sites, photos and emails, as described in the Time.com special “Tools for Managing Your Online Life after Death” . This doesn’t take into account the trend towards independent single operator online businesses or even small startups. How do you shut turn the shopping cart off? What other cloud based services don’t die?

Hundreds of Kiwis have been left out of pocket because an import company continued trading after the only man at its reins died.

Tech Brands Pacific’s sole shareholder and director, Brian Isaksson, died on November 4, leaving no-one in charge of the business.

The company continued to sell technology products such as iPhones and iPads on sites like pricespy.co.nz. People were buying through the shopping cart function on the website until a week ago.

via Tech Brands Pacific | Hundreds lose money after… | Stuff.co.nz.

Venera 1: first visit to another planet

May 19th 1961. Although communications were lost with Venera 1 before the event.

The Application As Art: define terms. Query use as/of/in/or/is ?

Define art: That’s a big one. Vlog with Henry Mulholland and Roomies Artspace for the artist’s perspective throughout the project.

Blog it: Capture the lifestream of project as ongoing work in progress. Multiple sources ideal therefore tumblr, storytlr, posterous or sweetcron better than wordpress or blogger.

Art, culture, entertainment or technology: Which platform or medium are most emotional experiences being delivered to us? Validation of movies in 20th century as new artform through new media.

Credibility of the mundane, perhaps we are preHomeric awaiting the rise of epic?

MMORGs role in subsuming movies. Production of mashups as polished delivery of academia. Appreciation of culture jamming. Citations obviously include Burroughs and Gibson.

Rise of social inequity in the production and ownership of media being overthrown with the mass uptake of digital technology and then restored with the online/offline divide. Spirality of rise in a dialectic transferred to edge-centric understanding.

I went searching for inspiration…

but I’m going to be thinking outside the box, as any good feminist does.

Hello world!

One day I hope to import my blog/s and style things up a little bit. Perhaps today is the day?

Until then, you have to travel to Andragy or Another Andragy or Technoist or Another Place to Put Things . Which is not counting additional stuff like Sydney Trampoline School or Newtown Kids Robotics.

This is a thing that i found while looking at lifestreaming….

came to the egg.co blog by yongfook from yongfook’s lifestream sweetcron – and i think he/she’s the developer of sweetcron which is moving fast up the list of today i decide on what platform to focus on!

what i love here is the embedded TED talks are all ones i love and are influencing my thinking right now!

DIY Washing Machine – Progress Report

On Sunday night, I came home to this. 😦 washing machine needs service code 43 😦 The washing machine quit working. Stopped. Ceased all activities.

We do the washing on the weekend. All 5 or 6 or 7 baskets of it. We fold it on Sunday night, if things are going swimmingly. Monday or Tuesday if not. And some weeks we’re still fishing through baskets for something to wear on Friday. It’s a pretty good indicator of how the rest of life is going.

I’m just going to add the Twitter feed and Twitpics from here on. But all I can say is thank ‘heavens’ I have google superpowers and a sonic screwdriver.

1 # utterly fragged after kids ALLDAY trampoline competition! Will reward myself with WoW if I can fix washing machine! *ignoring real work* 4:53 PM Mar 1st from TweetDeck
2 # antithesis of computerised appliances with obscure ailments = googling forums for service code fixits! We have SYNTHESIS . Now for SPINCYCLE! 4:56 PM Mar 1st from TweetDeck
3 # 140 chars is a bit of a stretch for me. LoL. I meant keeping it down to 140 chars. 4:57 PM Mar 1st from TweetDeck
4 # I don’t like it if my personal screwdriver is missing… or in with the common tools! *is my precious! is yellow. has engraving!* 5:02 PM Mar 1st from TweetDeck
5 # If I can’t find my own screwdriver then it’s autoFAIL everything else following! 5:03 PM Mar 1st from TweetDeck
6 # See. My first FAIL. Tweeting my ‘just googled it!’ has blown my facade of general awesome at anything ness! 5:10 PM Mar 1st from TweetDeck
7 # Second FAIL. What grey cover? I can find a white one. A very dirty white one but I wouldn’t call it grey to my face! 5:12 PM Mar 1st from TweetDeck
8 # Oh. Perhaps it’s the grey cover under the white cover that I just unscrewed! 5:12 PM Mar 1st from TweetDeck
9 # Choice of two grey covers. One with lots of wires. Atleast I unplugged machine from power before starting open heart! 5:18 PM Mar 1st from TweetDeck
10 # it’s down to the “remove switch from below computer, check for corrosion and rewire the yellow to the white one” sort of directions. NOLOL 5:20 PM Mar 1st from TweetDeck
11 # Anyone good with the insides of Fisher & Paykel Intuitive Eco machines? Service Code 43 5:20 PM Mar 1st from TweetDeck
12 # Have found balance switch! Unscrewed the computer and balanced it on chopsticks (short wires) . Need more light. Or glasses. 5:25 PM Mar 1st from TweetDeck
13 # if i could get my phone tweeting again i could twitpic! Another FAIL. 5:33 PM Mar 1st from TweetDeck
14 # oops. where is my phone? 5:34 PM Mar 1st from TweetDeck
15 # found phone but lot’s of smoke down south newtown way! Prolly just exhaust fumes… Or burning car event. Or other burning issue? 5:38 PM Mar 1st from TweetDeck
16 # bluetooth not so good on this computer. Fixit days are never ending farkups. 5:46 PM Mar 1st from TweetDeck
17 # » link to TwitPic – Share photos on twitter DIY is a great excuse for a drink. Here is inside of our washing machine computer. 5:51 PM Mar 1st from TweetDeck
18 # this is successful chopstick cantilevering operation leading to relatively painless switch extraction » link to TwitPic – Share photos on twitter 5:53 PM Mar 1st from TweetDeck
19 # this is memo to self… yellow wire goes on this side! » link to TwitPic – Share photos on twitter followed by bout of twitter. 5:58 PM Mar 1st from TweetDeck
20 # showing kids how to use multimeter and making martini – more procrastination » link to TwitPic – Share photos on twitter 6:32 PM Mar 1st from TweetDeck
21 # finally dropping closed switch in vinegar bath » link to TwitPic – Share photos on twitter Tomorrow it may work again. Or not. It was already lose/lose. 6:34 PM Mar 1st from TweetDeck
22 # RT @Glebe2037: I say good morning and give you a Hello Kitty Death cake = » link to kittyhell.com 10:41 AM Mar 2nd from TweetDeck
23# Rinsed washing machine switch and put in dryer (still works) on shoe rack. Cat litter scoop quite handy. #diyawesome 10:44 AM Mar 2nd from TweetDeck
24 # Now the switch is dry. The moment of truth is nigh. starcee on howtomendit.com will live or die by this result. 10:52 AM Mar 2nd from TweetDeck
25 # hope i’m not wrong about the wires, cause i was wrong about which way was up. 10:53 AM Mar 2nd from TweetDeck
26 # we have ignition sequence. houston we have lights. holy shit! it’s working! 10:54 AM Mar 2nd from TweetDeck
27 # oops, i seem to have misplaced one of the screws. but IT’S STILL WORKING! I have fixed the washing machine. I am god. 10:55 AM Mar 2nd from TweetDeck
28 # @michaelharries but will it enhance my reputation with Darnassus? 11:33 AM Mar 2nd from TweetDeck in reply to michaelharries
Now the Roomba battery is dying. Trials and tribulations of a Domestic Moddess.

This is a post punk post

I met an old punk bandmate, 

in playground of kids’ school.

Needed photographic proof,
which was forthcoming.
Look scarily like my eldest is
… exactly right now.
Found old punk graffiti 
That’s a whole nother story 
still to come.