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#followfriday, Donald Norman, Emotional Design and Stupid Dolphins.

Twitter has sucked the productivity out of me but is pumping me full of ideas and new acquaintances. Something I’m playing with (soon to be @Twisterature) is the way of communicating texts in bursts, conversationally as it were. What can be seeded into a 140char limit conversation? This has some overlaps with the cut-ups of Burroughs and the Beatniks.

So, I’m reading Donald A. Norman on Emotional Design, finally, and I’ve decided to reTweet a section that grabbed me. P18 to P20 of the chapter ‘Attractive Things Work Better’ to be precise. It’s really study notes – can they survive the twansition?

** nope they didn’t. Some claim to have created ‘literature’ with tweets. Poetry is possible. Novels are not. And links are for articles.

Vale Dorothy Porter 1954 – 2008

True original … Dorothy Porter.
Photo: Steve Baccon

An extraordinary writer and warrior has died. I didn’t know her but part of my surrounds has vanished and I don’t know which I regret more, the empty shape or something else eventually filling it. Bloody breast cancer.

Her works live on but who and what she was were very important to anyone, any female, who savored words and wildness; australia, sex and cigarettes on the night wind.

I’m female
I”m not tough
droll or stoical.

I droop after
wine, sex
or intense conversation.

The streets coil around me
when they empty

I’m female
I get scared.

an excerpt from Dorothy Porter’s mesmeric poem novel, The Monkey’s Mask.

more from the world today (abc) “Poetry has always dealt with taboo material from way back. That’s part of its sort of holy nature, its vocation is to tackle huge and morally ambivalent themes.”
wikipedia “Porter was a self-described Pagan, committed to pagan principles of courage, stoicism and commitment to the earth and beauty.” Perhaps the best definition of woman warrior I’ve found.
and sydney morning herald and herald sun “she was a grand theme person, a sensualist and romantic”

Sunday sports and Monday thoughts

So much for my new world order! I was going to blog on Sport on Sunday, Thoughts on Monday and then do real work for a couple of days. And maybe catch up on my commenting. And maybe blog again on Thursday or Friday if inspired.

In fact, I dream of starting the new Woman Warrior Feature with some in depth interviews with any woman warrior who crosses my path. But that’s a Thursday Thing… Or should that be the Wednesday Woman Warrior. Yep. Alliteration wins hands down over convenience.

But so much for my Sunday. The TIVO ate the last 6 weeks W League coverage and I’m so far behind the season that my dreams of being a W League blogger have disintegrated like a biodegradable shopping bag. Only a damn sight faster.

Just found Cyberfamilias

OMG my mom joined facebook is very very funny. ROFL.

I’m an official Michelle Slatalla (of the NY Times) fan. Until I read the rest of her articles – which will put an end to my constructive evening catching up on the w-league!

Beware the church of climate change!

Bloody good article actually. Imagine my shock when I discover the author is Miranda Devine, whom I love to hate. What that does prove however is that being female does not make you an authority on feminism. Perhaps it will encourage more men to become such. LOL.


Vernacular Video

more from Howard Rheingold of Smart Mobs and other fame.

also Vernacular Video – by Tom Sherman, [Note: the following is an expanded version of “Vernacular Video,” originally published in shorter form in Les Fleurs du Mal, issue #2, Montreal, Quebec, September 2006; and is now in print in the Video
Vortex Reader: Responses to YouTube, Geert Lovink and Sabine Niederer
(eds.), Amsterdam: Institute of Network Cultures, 2008.]

This is a post punk post

I met an old punk bandmate, 

in playground of kids’ school.

Needed photographic proof,
which was forthcoming.
Look scarily like my eldest is
… exactly right now.
Found old punk graffiti 
That’s a whole nother story 
still to come.