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Why Y2K?

Loved it. I have the number plate. Got married that day. etc etc.

Why doesn’t anyone talk about it anymore?

Column inches devoted to Y2K before 1/1/00 – approx 38500km or enough to reach moon for 36th time. (Although not with the same bang as India’s first lunar landing in November 2008.)

Column inches devoted to Y2K after 1/1/00 – approx 3km or a short dog walk. (If you can hear the whimper, it’s the dog complaining.)

Waiting for the Y2K reunion next year.

Let’s have a blast!

This is a post punk post

I met an old punk bandmate, 

in playground of kids’ school.

Needed photographic proof,
which was forthcoming.
Look scarily like my eldest is
… exactly right now.
Found old punk graffiti 
That’s a whole nother story 
still to come.

Google pwns Zeitgeist

As per previous posts. I’m not happy that google pwns zeitgeist. I am a huge fan of TED, the Edge, Kiva, the Reith Lectures, Mike Wesch on YouTube, Philosophy4Kids, Science Meetups and all things that actually do some information sharing and inspire one to learn and grow.

But Google Zeitgeist is invitation only.
Thanks boys.
And you will notice that it is boys of course. Pictured above are, Google’s Schmidt, Page and Brin holding court from the LA TIMES article of the same name.

Ant Bullying at Newtown Public School

Newtown Public School’s Ant Bullying Perspective is described as an important part of School Policy in a school which strives to be a supportive environment for supporting the environment.

We all know that ants think they rule the world. Well, we’re not going to take it any more! Those deadly little fascist dictators will not prevail. Our lands have been besieged. Our liberty and picnics stolen. Our valiantly virulently green p&c is leading the charge with plans to astroturf our entire grass area. Or possibly even concrete it in true Fedterranea style!

So what do we teach our children, where and why? Are literacy and numeracy vastly overrated?
Primary schools have approx 1 hour a week for half a year for ‘science’! This is usually integrated with HSIE – Human Society and Its Environment aka history, geography and social studies. That’s why I started the science club after school (attended by more than 50% of students!).

Teachers have little specialist science training and access to no interesting resources or materials. No labs. No chemicals. No … you name it. Generally, I think the state of education in NSW is pretty good. Certainly it is in Newtown, where we have a demographic which enables parent support for many extra initiatives, comparatively little movement in teacher and student population and a range of incomes and backgrounds.

Still, are parents the difference? And what we are teaching our children? A couple of weeks ago, Tim Hawkes, the head of The King’s School, wrote a frank and thought-provoking opinion piece for The Sydney Morning Herald about how our education system is failing to provide students with information they might actually use in their adult lives.

And from T. H. White;

‘Wart found that he had tumbled off the drawbridge, landing with a smack on his side in the water. He found that the moat and the bridge had grown hundreds of times bigger. He knew that he was turning into a fish.
“Oh, Merlyn,” cried the Wart. “Please come too.”
“Just for this once,” said the large and solemn tench beside his ear, “I will come. But in future, you will have to go by yourself. Education is experience, and the essence of experience is self-reliance.”

Kiva – on shortlist for Amex profits

Ordinarily I wouldn’t advertise Amex. But if you are benighted enough to have an Amex card (or want to become a guest member AND PERSONALLY, I DIDN’T!) then vote for Kiva to win $1.5 million dollars. Someone’s going to get it and why not KIVA! I LOVE KIVA! GO KIVA!

Feminism’s Great Leap Forward? Virtual Boyfriends are the NEW BIG THING!

Or simply curing loneliness 2.0? Reportedly, 52% of members are Japanese females in their twenties, with thirty-somethings accounting for 18% of the user base. Could such an idiosyncratic approach also succeed in the US or Europe?

I can certainly see the need, but currently a webkare seems as satisfying as a wii-fit. I’m looking forward to the customisable, hackable virtual boyfriend. Kind of like waiting for my gps to do passive male aggressive with an Australian accent.

clipped from www.techcrunch.com

In Japan, girls are crazy over virtual boyfriends. Webkare (Web Boyfriend in Japanese), a mix between a social network and dating simulation site, is Nippon’s newest web sensation. Geared exclusively towards girls, the site attracted over 10,000 members just 5 days after its release on September 10, racking up 3.5 million page views in the same time frame.

The site is a huge hit over here. Girls sign up and become members of a social network but also users of a dating simulation in cartoon style. They have to try to hook up with one of four male Anime characters (who are the “stars” of the site) through “conversations” and must collaborate with other Webkare members in order to move on in the game. Eventually they conquer the heart of the chosen cartoon boy.

Reportedly, 52% of members are Japanese females in their twenties, with thirty-somethings accounting for 18% of the user base. Could such an idiosyncratic approach to curing Loneliness 2.0 work in the US or Europe?

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scarily slowing down – glorious zeitgeist or entropia

My blog is whirling outwards and I feel the impending entropic collapse. I googled entropy for another noun, verb or variation and found the Entropia Universe. I haven’t been to the real one yet. Only the one inside my own head.

For rather a while I’ve rationed my music and reading to give my own head a chance to think about something other than trivial mundanity. I have a shocking propensity for repeating whatever I last heard as if it were somehow my own marvellous creation.

I’ve come to a point of equilibrium. I don’t own an original thought. I do just seem to express things that bloody bucket loads of people somewhere or other have just expressed (only better) and I have probably just crimped, cadged and cheated it from them, unless I happen to be an unwitting trendsetter.

You can glorify it by calling it zeitgeist all you like. I am torn. Every post I write, I find links to other blogs, books and clips that I am never going to finish getting through. Do I enrich my entries? Do I go back to ignoring others so that I have space to breathe?

I love the freedom (recently felt) of writing whatever I felt like without a fear. I’ve always been my own worst critic and I’ve stopped (am stopping). I pity my friends with blogs of note. I don’t know if I would survive being overseen by anyone else. Luckily no one else is ever likely to read this.

Honestly, if school P&C meetings send me into a spiral of self doubt and loathing, how on earth could I ever want to write something for other people to read!

I have a sudden great sympathy for David Foster Wallace (1962-2008) and a wish for silence.

Right after I work out how to trackback my next post.